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Be the difference in their mental health.

Together, we can activate your organization’s mission to positively impact the development of your community and its children.

Create a community families are proud of

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Your team has 20 kids...

  • 3 live in “food insecure” homes
  • 4 are abused or neglected in their homes
  • 7 are being bullied
  • 10 feel depressed, stressed, or anxious
  • 10 are behind grade level in at least one subject
  • 19-20 have experienced active shooter drills in school

Today’s kids deserve our best.

Persons with Disabilities Doing Fist Bump After Tennis Match

500 Fist Bumps resonates deeply with the mission of the Ragsdale YMCA, as it emphasizes inclusivity, support, and the well-being of all individuals, perfectly reflecting our commitment to nurturing the potential of every child and fostering a sense of belonging within our community.

-Marlee Rindall, Executive Director, Ragsdale YMCA

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Soccer Coach

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Our Friends & Partners

Jeff Milroy, MPH

President, Center for

Athlete Well-being

UNC Greensboro

Marlee Rindall

Executive Director,

Ragsdale YMCA

Sadie Hebard

Assistant Coach

Ragsdale YMCA

6U United

Connie Jones, PhD

Associate Professor,


UNC Greensboro

Bill Steffen, EdD

Senior Staff Coach,

U.S. Soccer

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